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SoWarriors No, not that awesome 80 s flick starring that guy from Xanadu Unfortunately Warriors, Into the Wild is Book 1 of 6 SIX in the first of like a zillion series My 10 yr old daughter is in love with these books she can devour one a day and the way that they are churned out She is so into these that she asked my husband and I to give them a shot Fine, I can take one for the team, I mean, heck, she s reading, right Thing is, it s not so bad You ve got a li l bit of Tolkien and a splash of Shakespearean tragedy in a Jets vs Sharks sorta way It makes for a lively story.Here s my issueSo, you have the kittpet,Rusty, longing to pounce on mice and rabbits, tearing into their cold, fuzzy, flesh he meets Graypaw and is introduced toThunderclanand meets Lionheart andTigerclawandDustpaw and Sandpaw and they take him in and he becomes Firepaw and apprentices with Bluestar butTigerclaw has this chip on his shoulder and doesn t like him and he runs into Yellowfang and falls for Spottedleaf, then has to save the honor or Ravenpaw who watchedRedtail be killed byOakheart, but it wasn t Oakheart it was Tigerclaw and meanwhile you have Shadowclan, which is Yellowfang s old gang and they re led by Brokenspear who has daddy issues and offs Raggedstar and sendsClawface to captureFrostfur s kits so there s this A Team like maneuver to invade Shadowclan that Whitestorm leads and then Graypaw becomes Graystripe and Firepaw who was Rustynow becomes Fireheart BreatheSee Edit February 23, 2016 Okay, I m DONE with this review I m disabling the notifications, so if someone comments in it, I m not gonna now The level of trolls it has gotten has reached levels I cannot stand any Of course, there are reviews with trolls, but this is as much as I can endure.And for you, ignorants who can t accept other people s opinions better known as trolls , why don t you go read one of the many thousands of 5 star reviews instead of coming to criticize an opinion that s obviously different to yours Don t you understand it s pointless I m not going to stop hating this book if you tell me I m wrong In fact, if anything, your words only make me feel nauseas when I think of this piece of garbage.And that s my final word I won t be replying to any comment in here, I don t care why you love this write your own review for that and I won t read the rest of this series.Original review The first thing you need to know about me is that I hate cats HATE THEM They re are the living creatures I dread the most after roaches I m serious I can t think about cats without flinching I hear one, and I shudder I see one, and I want to vomit One gets near me and the good girl inside me is in risk of going far far away I just can t stand them.The second thing you need to know is that I hate stories about talking animals I literally cannot watch a TV show or a movie where there are talking animals without going insane Really, I get so exasperated and furious I fear my heart will stop working.Those previous points led me to think I was not going to like this book, but I decided to try anyway because I ve had pleasant surprises, for example, The Monstrumologist That book had monsters and my eyes just roll until almost popping out of my head whenever I hear that word mentioned, BUT I LOVED that book series, so with the hope of that thing also happening with this book, I finally gave it a try.I regret my decision.Why Perhaps this is the most ridiculous book I ve read after Twilight and we re talking about one year I just couldn t buy the concept Clans of cats fighting The hell Yep That s all this book is about Some might say it s an original concept, but for me It s just laughable.Also, the amount of absurd names was overwhelming to the point where I wanted to kill myself Look at some examples Tigerpaw, Graypaw, Firepaw, Lionheart, Dustpaw, Sandpaw, Bluestar, Ravenpaw, Yellowfang, Longtail, Smudge, Crookedstar, Tallstar, Blackfoot, Dappletail, Redtail, Oakheart, Darkstripe, Spottedleaf, Frostfur, Raggedstar, Nightpelt, etc.You may have noticed that I highlighted some of the names Well, it s because READING ALL THOSE FREAKING PAW, STAR, HEART, TAIL TERMINATIONS MADE ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF Some awkward sentences contributed to my almost madness too Like thisWe got back in time, she meowed with a gasp The kits are safeMeowed with a gasp That s like trying to talk while swallowing or like gasping and talking at the same time I tried doing it and I failed My brother tried and he failed too My mother is part of this group too and my sister as well.This felt just as wtf as the previous one Yellowfang looked up at Bluestar and narrowed her eyes respectfully. Narrow eyes respectfully How do you do that Like this Or maybe like this Damn Aren t you a creepy one, Cinderella s stepmother This one might be an option too For me, they all look the same except some are hate filled , don t ya think The unnecessary deaths were also another bug for me Like, I didn t even get to know the character yet he died and I m supposed to feel bad For example, there was a Redtail yeah, ludicrous name don t even mention it at the beginning I didn t know who that was, and there comes some cat telling everyone Redtail s dead I mean, wtf, who the hell is Redtail And I m not only talking about his death There were many pointless ones Why did they die Just to give emotion to the story, I suppose Well, Hunter, BIG FAIL HERE BECAUSE I COULDN T CARE ANY LESS.Anyway, I m sure I bashing a book most people love, but maybe this didn t work for me because it simply was ridiculous not a book targetted to my age If you re a fan of talking animals and you love stupid stories about pointless warriors cats, then this might be just for you. BEST BOOK EVER Comment below if you would like to join ThunderClanYou silently walk through the forest, alone and scared You are hungry and tired, and are in need of shelter Suddenly, you come across a young, tortoise shell cat Hello she meows I m Ravenstar You nod in acknowledgment Let me take you back to the Clan, she says We ll decide if we want to bring you in, her eyes glitter daringly, if you re up to the challenge Welcome to the ORIGINAL ThunderClan, where online AND kindle GoodRead users can role play UPDATES Welcome, Stormstream, Silverbow aaron , Scarletsong FAIREST , Icysplash Chloe , and Darkclaw Mohsin We need mentors for Darkpaw, Spikepaw, Starpaw, and Streampaw Here s the list of ThunderClan members so far Leader RavenstarDeputies Silverstorm apprentice Featherpaw Stormsong sagestar apprentice Rosepaw Firefall Thomas apprentice Lightningpaw Medicine Cat Icestorm apprentice Birchpaw Warriors Flowerclaw apprentice Blackpaw FalconclawSoftleapWillowleaf Trixi apprentice Whisperpaw TigerlilyFireheart apprentice Oakpaw DarkmoonWaterflameSnowstripe Lindsy apprentice Hopepaw MoonwhispererGoldenstorm Adithya Spottedfire Strawbery Rose Gallagher EmeraldstripeMoonfeatherMorningdawnSilverstoneRedclaw Aidan Skyheart skysar SparkytailWillowfall Briana MoonfeatherFoxfur Aimee Bachman Flameheart Katlove92 Leafdapple Florence apprentice Goldpaw IceslashAmberleafRedclaw Sagestar Stormsong sagestar Cherryleaf Yellowfang2005 Icepelt LeafTheRainWing Nightclaw lynx SnowstripeStormstreamSilverbow aaron Scarletsong FAIREST Icysplash Chloe apprentice Waterpaw Darkclaw Mohsin Apprentices Birchpaw Ashly Ketchum Oakpaw OPEN Rosepaw Whisperpaw Alayna Darkpaw kaufmask Spikepaw Featherpaw Waterpaw Hopepaw Starpaw LDSHADOWLADY LightningpawGoldpaw Satta Streampaw jynx Queens NONEKits Amberkit Maria Craftkit BLCRAFT Elders NONE This book is about a house cat who is tired of being a house cat and wants to go into the wild Then he mets a kitten from a clan and goes with him into the forest and mets the rest of the Thunderclan This book sounds boring, but really, it is a great book The author is very descriptive and makes it all very interesting There a four clans, Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan and Shadowclan The whole series, and there are a lot of them, is about the four clans fighting to stay alive and also trying to be friends with the other clans There are also new series, calld the New Prophecy, they are about different cats and different problems, but all the series join together It really doesn t sound that great, but you should just try, you will be suprised This is the first book out of all of them, after you have read it though, you need to read the rest. Guess what peeps This was my first YA series that I read Yah, yah, maybe it was something else but my poor memory remembers this one as a CRAZY FRICKING AWESOME SERIES.So yes, I was a little tiny 5th grader who read in the back corner of the classroom who politely answered teacher s questions But when this gorgeous thing came up in my face, I was like00Wha.AND BAM FALLS DEAD IN LOVE IN THE BACK OF A 5TH GRADE CLASSROOM This book has action, has great characters, and guess what IT S FROM A CAT S POV.Yup, you animal lovers, come this way So yes, half the time, I was wondering if cats could actually talk or this entire time, I was reading pages full of meows and mistook them for actual words sheepish smile Yes, this book was brilliant, you ll love it, you ll die in the back of ur 5th grade classroom or middle school, or couch, or whatevs , and here I am, recommending this to y all Hope ya like it These books are written terribly but they ve actually got pretty developed characters and they basically made me fall in love with reading in third grade or whatever so four stars.I actually want to talk about why these stupid books made me fall in love with reading, because they truly influenced me so much I think the best thing about this series is the developed character work This is a series that has defined characters who you can root for or dislike, which is awesome I actually think the characters improve throughout the series In series one, Fireclaw is kind of a typical boring do gooder Brambleclaw, Leafpool, and Squirrelflight, the main characters in series two, are far interesting and defined, with clear motivations beyond do the right thing This trend continues in series three and four I also really appreciate the occasional morally grey or morally black characters Yes, many characters are a bit I do good things and I m amazing but characters like Ivypool, in the fourth series, were so influential to my childhood Yeah, the plot is a little weird and far fetched, and the writing is pretty terrible now that I ve grown up enough to see it, but this series is definitely good for anyone who likes middle grade fiction Especially kids This is definitely a series I d give to all elementary schoolers. My kids adore these novels, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to read them too I figured I d like them After all, I like middle grade and YA fiction, and cats are cool, and Watership Down was one of my favorite novels of all time So how could a book about warrior housecats go wrong If you re one of those people that hate cilantro, than any salsa with cilantro in it is going to hit your ick, soapy button and displease you This novel hit a lot of my ick buttons For one, it has a lot of exclamation points in it, which I generally interpret as a crutch for weak writing Also, Hunter rarely uses he said or she said preferring instead meowed, responded, purred, snapped, suggested, answered, called, growled etc Also, the names drove me batty Young cats have paw as a suffix, leaders have star as a suffix, and the others have a different suffix so you have nothing but compound names Firepaw, Ravenpaw, Brokenstar, Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Lionheart.Once I d already had my pet peeves hit,I started looking for reasons to explain why I didn t want to finish it I think part of it is that the cats don t act like cats That s probably not fair, because I read Tad Williams Tailchaser s Song and liked it, but for some reason I wasn t able to suspend my disbelief here Housecats are not social in the way that dogs, rabbits, deer, wolves, sea lions, and other animals are To have them forming clans, and caring about such things as group cohesion and honor honor Cats made them feel like dogs, or like aliens that I didn t understand I also don t think that cats cache kills for later I know for certain that cats have no herblore whatsoever, but I m a big reader of fantasy, so I m not sure why I wasn t able to swallow it here.That s not to say that I don t recommend this book Both my daughters ages 8 and 10 adore these books, though the younger one is not a strong reader and prefers the graphic novel version My niece 9 also adores these novels, as do her friends So clearly, there s something here they re taking out if it a story about kitties They probably also are responding to the tried and true plot of boy from humble origins learns from his elders, grows, and eventually surpasses those who taught him to become the greatest of all The plotting isn t terrible, and I did care about what happened, I just wasn t willing to wade through the irritating prose to get there So I cheated A hundred pages from the end, I gave up and asked my kid what happened Spoiler alert nothing you haven t predicted by chapter four. Best book and series in the world. `READ DOWNLOAD ↜ Into the Wild ⇯ For Generations, Four Clans Of Wild Cats Have Shared The Forest According To The Laws Laid Down By Their Warrior Ancestors But The ThunderClan Cats Are In Grave Danger, And The Sinister ShadowClan Grows Stronger Every Day Noble Warriors Are Dying And Some Deaths Are Mysterious Than Others In The Midst Of This Turmoil Appears An Ordinary House Cat Named Rusty Who May Turn Out To Be The Bravest Warrior Of Them All