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PLEASE NOTE THE PLOT AGAINST MARLENE DIETRICH IS AN EXTENDED SHORT STORY RATHER THAN A NOVELLA. Decided to read this on a whim I usually steer clear of fictionalised accounts of Marlene Dietrich as she is my favourite actress, but it was only 33 pages long and I needed something to fill time I can t say I regret it, the style was wonderful, and the author included a lot of Marlene s mannerisms into the story, her external persona of course, because it would be unlikely that the characters in the story ever got to see her private persona.A little gem indeed. The author sent me this book about a year ago Honestly, I had to google to find out who Marlene Dietrich was so you know where I m coming from with this review I picked it up, wanting something short and easy to read, thinking it would be a great noir story with some mystery Instead, I found myself a little bored and waiting for it to be over.It s not a horrible short story by any means, but the problem is that the author tries too hard to introduce too many elements into too little space We re given some random Hitler meeting which doesn t really DO anything with the story but add a few paragraphs There s a romance that seems too contrived without enough true information or insight into the characters themselves.From reading on Ms Dietrich, the author does seem to do well capturing who she was and her ways of speaking doing, but the fiction part of this historical fiction book needs either paring down or fleshing out It just didn t do anything for me, except perhaps make me want to read a biography about Dietrich.Recommended for die hard Marlene Dietrich fans, perhaps. Too short of a book Not enough description of characters or plot Very disappointed. Beautifully written, it creates a mood, very evocative of the period The style is very much like the lovely cover, smokey and mysterious I don t read a lot of hard boiled detective stories, but this one was based on some little known history about Dietrich and other famous people, which I found very interesting I was moved to read , on the author s blog, about Dietrich s brave stance against the Nazis The book is short, about thirty pages, but it lingered in my mind far longer than many works of greater length Definitely worth reading. `Free Epub ✗ The Plot Against Marlene Dietrich ☛ Written As Filmic Treatment, The Plot Against Marlene Dietrich Is A Short Story Of Mystery, Romance, And German Intrigue On The Eve Of World War II Alex Rada Is On The Case Again This Time Determined To Find The Perpetrators Of The Final Plot Against The Great Marlene Dietrich Historical Fiction Woven Against The Background Of Race And Ethnicity That Evokes The Gritty Feel OfS New York, And Of Romantic Hollywood