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A potent mix of the mundane and the magical, this book exercised a curious fascination on me for days after I d read it Unusual and challenging. @FREE DOWNLOAD ⚣ Albion Imperilled Ë Albion Imperilled Is A Compelling New Fantasy Fiction Concerning Four Children Who Stumble Upon The Threshold To A Magical Domain Narnia With A Difference The Opening Chapters Are Set In The Present Day And The Children Are All Now Fully Grown And Middle Aged As A Fairy Tale For Grownups The Book May Be Read On Two Levels, Either As An Imaginative Fantasy Or As A Satirical Commentary On Contemporary Britain With All Its Social And Political Tensions, And Can Be Enjoyed Equally By Adults Or Older Children Curiously Old Fashioned And Deliciously Politically Incorrect, The Action Shifts Between Britain In The S Where The Children Are At Boarding School And The YearTheir Entry To The Enchanted Forest Of Albion Is Effected By Magical Portals Mainly Trees, Which Are Central To The Story And Key Threshold Sites This Is Fantasy Fiction At Its Best A Thrilling Adventure Story With Well Rounded Characters And Plenty Of Nail Biting Suspense Involving Midnight Flights In A Winged Chariot, Abductions And Espionage, Secret Tunnels, And Ancient Tree Magic Dwelling Within The Forest Itself Is An Ancient Elemental Magic, Which Comes To The Fore One Night Of The Year When The Trees Are Able To Move Of Their Own Accord Known As The Festival Of The Trees Or Arboreal Awakening And Invoke The Mighty Power Of The Forest I tried to get through the sample, but was put off by the way punctuation vanished at the sight of a quote markI don t like it either said Pragmaticus But it could be a lot worse Could you imagine what it would be like if the Queen had installed the Goblin Chief here Our lives would be a living hell I once had a younger brother remarked Nicholas I tried drowning him in the bath when I was five, but, alas, my mother s untimely appearance. It s impossible to recommend too strongly that the book be proofed for punctuation Since the only available samples are on the author s website, I also recommend changing the green background to white and increasing the space between the lines to improve legibility Heartbreaking to lose sales because of web design. Probably the best fantasy fiction I ve read in 20 years I like the fact that it s written for adults as well as older children, and also that it s rooted in the real world It is intelligently written with a satirical twist and I identified with the wry sense of humour A real one off. If I were to reduce this review to one word, it would be disappointing The comparison to Narnia doesn t go any farther than an alternate world where animals speak with English accents Otherwise, it s not a book I would recommend, for three reasons First, I found this book on a list of Christian Fantasy titles It is not There is no allegorical theme, and the characters don t follow Christian principles except by accident they support their son going to live with his girlfriend, for example There is also quite a bit of profanity, including an F bomb.Second, while I agree with a lot of the social and political commentary, it feels forced and out of place The book feels like part fairy tale and part soapbox vent Third, it s not very well written A few quick examples the shifts to and from Albion are at times unclear I had to go back and re read several transitions Most of the modern events are largely superfluous The animal names Freddy Falcon, Boris Beaver, Wendel Weasel might be cute in a book for beginning readers, but seem juvenile in a adult oriented book The deeper magic is not explained, and is invoked at the end as deus ex machina So where Narnia is delightful, wholesome, and tightly written, this effort is not I almost never write negative reviews, but would have appreciated seeing one like this before I spent my money.