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Newbery Medal 1992Much than a story about a boy and his dog Shiloh is a story of compassion, determination and struggling with stretching the truth to accomplish a goal that is character worthy Is omitting information the same as lying, especially if it prevents abuse Marty Preston, 11, finds a beagle in the woods behind his house one day When he realizes it belongs to Judd Travers, his heart drops because he knows Judd is mean and abusive to his animals When the dog comes back the second time, Marty secretly hides him The outcome isn t all he expected when the dog, he has now named Shiloh, is injured by a bigger doghis secret is revealed to all Marty and his family slowly grow to love the gentle, friendly dog and Marty is prepared to do just about anything to keep him, to buy him, and to care for him A bargain is struck between Marty and Judd Marty hopes he hasn t made a pact with the devil, but only time will tell In Shiloh, he has found a constant, loyal companionone companion he won t turn his back on. this was the best book ever you guys should read it i swear that it is a good book also you could watch the movie the first movie is called Shiloh and the secont one is called Saving Shiloh just to let you know you can get the movie at Hastings and you can get the book at any libary the author is Phyllis Reynolds Nalor i hope you read it or watch it Shiloh is a dog who has been abused and runs away from his owner Judd Travers Marty finds the dog and loves Shiloh and gives him a safe place to live Now what does he do He is lying to everyone and Judd wants his dog back It s set in poor West Virginia hill country Marty is trying to come up with anyway to save Shiloh This is a nuanced story about who you think people are and how life is really full of grey in this world It s not always black and white I did end up enjoying this book It took me a while to get into It s just not really my kind of story The ending is satisfying This is actually a very deep book that says a whole lot while minding it s own business So it was good and I gave it 4 stars I m still glad I read the book. Perhaps you worry about Princess Di s sons, how they re doing, if they re okay.Perhaps you enjoyed the Beatles for a long time and still do once and awhile but tired of them long ago Lots of other bands out there, lots of other decades But if you re not tired of the Beatles and like to debate which one to prefer, maybe you preferred John Lennon I understand, though maybe you ve come around to the idea that there really is nothing wrong with silly love songs and Paul McCartney s alright too.Never mind the Beatles, you may be rebelling against Green Day for all I know.No matter, you ll probably love Shiloh despite that cover, despite that dog so prominent in the foreground Ordinarily that dog cover might chase you away, just like jazzy renditions of Beatle tunes do, or maybe not Either way, whoever you are, I think you ll love this story.I grew up with dogs, but I m not into dog stories, horse stories, any of it, but if you re only going to read one chapter book for children about dogs, make it this one.It s not what you think Or maybe it is.Because yes, it has a dog and the dog is central And it s heart warming.Come on, I used to be a cynic Back in the day, one of my high school English teachers wanted to transfer me out of her class, my sarcasm was so unbearable Trust me If you re only going to read one chapter book for children about dogs, read this one.Marty s an eleven year old kid who lives in West Virginia Apparently Shiloh was the author s 65th book, and it shows Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is in control.Marty s family lives up in the hills He s got a lot of fields and woods to roam No dog though This family doesn t have the money to spare.Then one of Judd s hunting dogs sneaks off and follows Marty home Judd doesn t treat his dogs the way Marty would and eventually Marty decides he s got to do something about it, at least for the dog that followed him home.It s a heart warming tale, not a shoot em up realistic fiction, they call it So Marty s got feelings Even Judd does, believe it or not There s a lot of interesting conflict between Marty and Judd and even Marty and his father because telling a man how to treat his dogs is just not done, Marty Great conversations Issues galore.I don t even think I believe in animal rights, not so much, but the writing was powerful and not preachy Phyllis Reynolds Naylor makes her point through the characters and setting and gives her reader room to think and decide How she managed to capture a dog s personality through its movements, I don t really know Amazing And I m not even sure I believe dogs have personalities She also captures Marty s family life and circumstances well They don t have a lot of money, but they re happy for the most part and it is not sappy.Marty grabs a peach off the tree out back sometimes and picks the worms out of it before eating it He doesn t complain That s how good a writer Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is because that even seemed realistic There is something wonderful in children s books My daughter and I took as a project to go through Newberry Award winners, and many of them are really great, this one included.Marty Preston saves his dog from an abusive owner Shiloh actually belongs to Judd Travers who drinks too much and has a gun Marty loves the dog deeply and gets in trouble trying to care for him.Marty secrets are becoming larger A lie That s a flat out lie Funny how one lie leads to another and before you know it, your whole life can be a lie.His love to the dog is heartwarming, and the fear of Judd who Marty encounters a lot does not prevent from Marty to still put the dog as top priority He says If Jesus ever comes back to earth again, I m thinking, he ll come as a dog, because there isn t anything as humble or patient or loving or loyal as the dog I have in my arms right now. That is not a small thing when Jesus appears in the book quite a lotmay Jesus make you blind That s the kind of talk my folks can t stand, but I got it from Grandma Preston herself Ma says Jesus don t go around making anyone blind, but Grandma Preston always used it as a warning and she went to church Sunday morning and evening both.Shiloh won the Newberry Award for Literature, and rightfully so Almost 4.5 stars.I recommend also to read Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, another great book for children about dogs. I loved this book it was a battle of the books book at our school two years ago and I loved this book. My partner and I really liked the book and I really got sad when the dog Shiloh got injured by the stupid German Shepperd it for me was very sad and did not think the dog would make it Shiloh is a simple story about a boy who falls in love with an abused dog, and a dog who returns his affection Anybody who has ever gotten a puppy as a child will be able to relate to the adoration Marty shows the dog he names Shiloh While this is a story for young children, its themes and ethical dilemmas are much sophisticated than some books written for adults Naylor asks some very interesting questions for parents to discuss with their kids, and even one another, questions that don t necessarily have a right or wrong answer.Marty comes across a distressed young dog one day, and it follows him home His parents recognize it as Judd s new hunting dog Judd has a reputation for mistreating his animals, and for this reason Marty wants to keep the dog, who he names Shiloh, but his parents tell him he can t It belongs to Judd and it s not anybody s business what Judd does with his property This kind of logic does not persuade Marty.Shiloh flees his master yet again, and this time Marty keeps him a secret from his family He builds a makeshift pen in their expansive yard, hidden from view, and keeps Shiloh there He sneaks food every night, eating less of his own dinner so Shiloh can have something to eat It takes a toll on Marty to continue lying to his parents, but he decides it s in Shiloh s best interest to keep quiet Even his two sisters are becoming curious about where he sneaks off to Judd stops by one night asking about his new hunting dog and he seems to suspect that Marty s hiding something A showdown between Judd and Marty is inevitable.Shiloh won the Newbery Award, spawned two sequels, and was made into a movie, a testament to its quality and its popularity This is a great book for younger readers They will love it because of the friendship between Marty and Shiloh, and parents will love it because it has good values and poses some excellent questions for kids, and adults, to ponder In considering his own moral code, Marty realizes that it is wrong to lie and to steal, but he feels a stronger obligation to keep a dog from returning to its abusive owner What makes this conflict so interesting is that adults would likely consider it much differently than children Adults, whose moral values are logical and place a stronger foundation on property, would say Marty should mind his own business If there was proof of extreme abuse or neglect, the law could step in, but a dog fearful of its owner is not proof At least not to an adult To a child like Marty, the proof is in the animal s eyes He couldn t forgive himself for returning an innocent animal to someone who will not treat it with love.Surprisingly, Judd, is very well developed for being the villain of a young adult novel Many novels or movies aimed at kids have one dimensional or very silly villains, but Judd is much human I believe many of us have known someone like Judd How Naylor resolves the conflict between Judd and Marty makes sense, and it sends a positive message In making her villain human, she shows that though there are bad people in the world, things aren t simply black and white You don t have to fight fire with fire In fact, it is effective to stand by your principles and stand up to people like Judd Shiloh isn t just a novel about a boy who falls in love with a dog it is about a boy who learns to be brave. Sometimes it s only in the doing that we learn good morals and values As Marty does his best to save Shiloh from compassionless Judd Travers, he learns many good lessons about right and wrong, truth and lies, kindness and sympathy, and love and loss. ^READ EPUB ☟ Shiloh ☟ When Marty Preston Comes Across A Young Beagle In The Hills Behind His Home, It S Love At First Sight And Also Big Trouble It Turns Out The Dog, Which Marty Names Shiloh, Belongs To Judd Travers Who Drinks Too Much And Has A Gun And Abuses His Dogs So When Shiloh Runs Away From Judd To Marty, Marty Just Has To Hide Him And Protect Him From Judd But Marty S Secret Becomes Too Big For Him To Keep To Himself, And It Exposes His Entire Family To Judd S Anger How Far Will Marty Have To Go To Make Shiloh His