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I haven t seen the 1993 movie Homeward Bound , but it doesn t sound like it would do justice to this wonderful story by Sheila Burnford Published in 1961, this novel tells the story of an unusual trio of domestic pets that make an unlikely journey of 300 miles through the Canadian wilderness to return to their family s home As you read the story of the trials and adventures of the three pets, you can t help but fall in love with Luath the Labrador, Bodger the Bull Terrier, and Tao the Siamese cat. Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford is a timeless classic, which narrates the arduous and brave journey taken by three pet animals towards the family they love over harsh and dangerous terrain, and is an emotionally rich story, which will move the reader and will leave him with a glow of satisfaction The feelings and emotions of these pet animals, their love towards each other and their loyalty and love for their owners are captured and expressed by the author with such a clarity that both young and old readers will find Incredible Journey a highly enjoyable read Luath, a young and strong Labrador Retriever Bodger, an old English Bull Terrier and Tao, a sleek and resolute Siamese cat are pets of The Hunter Family and lives in northwestern Ontario in Canada When the Hunters leave for England for a few months these three lovable pets are left in the care of John Longridge , a family friend With in a few days Longridge and the animals settle into a routine life of mutual companionship and contentment But when Longridge leaves for a two week hunting trip, Luath who was constantly longing for the company of the Hunter Family urges the two other animals to take a journey towards their original home which is about 300 miles away Following their instincts and led by Luath, these three incredibly loyal companions braves through the harsh Canadian wilderness overcoming a range of obstacles like starvation, drowning, attacks from wild beasts, exposure to nature and really harsh terrain fueled only by their mutual love and their insatiable desire to be with their owner Author does a commendable job of describing the frigid scenery of the Canadian wilderness and the approach of the winter with supreme clarity and this adds to the reading pleasure.One of the strengths of the book is the choice by the author not to make it into a fantasy by giving the animals ability to talk instead Sheila Burnford presents the story by observing and narrating each details of adventure, misery, plight and danger that the animals experience from the journey to the reader lucidly, which makes it seem a realistic tale Incredible Journey is a fantastic book, which narrates an incredibly charming story of love, survival, loyalty and companionship brimming with adventure and excitement and the calm pace with which the narration follows will mesmerize the reader If you have a young reader at home, or if you love animals, or if you are a reader who love to read something that will make you feel good then this story, which has a healthy dose of sharing and caring , is highly recommended The live action Walt Disney movie of 1963 titled Incredible Journey and the 1993 remake titled Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey were both based on this book. Yeah For an animal story where they live Sheila Burnford knew and loved a Bull Terrier at some point.I listened to the audio edition rather wish that they had skipped the musical accompaniment for the action scenes It was little too loud for the narrator. I have just become ten years old again I sobbed through my reads of this book through my viewings of the Disney movie It didn t matter how many times I read watched it that I knew it Would Be All Right in the End, I d be there with large, gulping sobs I kept my whole family awake until I cried myself to sleep I was a very soft kid though I wasn t allowed to watch Lassie as I got so upset This book is worth all the tears Burnford tells a wonderful fictional tale using three of her real life pets as the actors The portrayals are never sentimental cloying if a reader can t deal with the reality of what starving animals will have to do to survive, this isn t the right book for them I do wonder if the version I read as a child had been censored I was a kid who like the world best if I was looking at it through rose tinted glasses The animals are portrayed with affection though it is clear that old Bodger is the love of Burford s life.Longridge the kindly, if failed, pet minder on Bodger the bull terrier Lying awake in the dark that night,unable to sleep, he thought he would have given anything to feel the heavy thud on the bed that used to announce the old dog s arrival How extremely unloving and intolerant he had felt so often , waking in the middle of the night to the relentless shoving and pushing of his undesirable and selfish bedfellow. My only criticism is that in most pictures Bodger doesn t look like any Bull terrier I have known illustrator softens the angular, exotic features of Tao the Siamese cat Because I grew up with these pictures I love them, but I hope one day Burford s tale gets the artist it deserves. I loved this story Yeah, it took me awhile to read In part that s because taking it slow meant savoring it, but I ve also been short on reading time lately.Thanks to GR friend Mike for his inspiring review which led me to finally reading this book about 2 dogs, a cat and their long journey.When I get the chance, I ll add to this review In the meantime, here s what Mike wrote Mike s review A three hundred mile journey through the Canadian wilderness, an area ofendless chains of lonely lakes and rushing rivers,wherehalf the year the country is blanketed with snow and for weeks at a time the temperature may stay many degrees below zero This is the country over which the three travelers passed, and it was in the fall that they traveled, in the days of Indian summer The three travelers were Bodger, an old Bull Terrier, Luath, a young red gold Labrador Retriever, and a Siamese cat named Tao This would be a tiresome journey under the best of circumstances, but they left their home with no way of knowing the extent their lives would be tested along the way There are many treacherous nights spent in the forest, but also some generosity shown them by the Objibwe they meet along the wayThat night they became immortal, had they known or cared, for the ancient woman had recognized the old dog at once by his color and companion he was the White Dog of the Ojibways, the virtuous White Dog of Omen, whose appearance heralds either disaster or good fortune The Spirits had sent him, hungry and wounded, to test tribal hospitality and for benevolent proof to the skeptical they had chosen a cat as his companion for what mortal dog would suffer a cat to rob him of his meat He had been made welcome, fed and succored the omen would prove fortunate And so they continue on their way, continuing to rely on each other for their journey despite their many near death experiences This is a relatively short book, less than 150 pages, generally considered to be a children s book although the author did not write it specifically for children about love, loyalty and the bond between man and their four footed family Many thanks, once again, to the Public Library system, and the many Librarians that manage, organize and keep it running, for the loan of this book Sheila Burnford s storytelling is great, if she pieced accuracy together and only re imagined the time between eyewitnesses She excelled at a complex task I had a few quibbles When I visit countries, I use their languages I enjoy differences, unless they forgo vocabulary that keeps something clear Sheila emigrated ten years before publishing this She knew generalizing property , lawn , grounds , yard with garden does not fly She referred to John s garden door but since a garden is soil, growing vegetables or flowers no door opens onto that Even if she meant a yard door, the word was wrong All doors open onto your property or yard If she meant backdoor , she needed to say that.Sheila could be fanciful with grating, incongruous things, like calling a shrill whistle sweet No, it isn t The end milked drama If two pets arrive, you search or wait, because the third is on his way too You would not give up on Bodger, with miracles in front of you Lastly, when did this occur Who was the author to them Four stars appreciate everything else about this special novel Have no doubt that I savour hearing about pets coming home I was reluctant about this, in a bag of books borrowed from Mom It cheered me up.My precious cat has been away three months Sheila s details about cats doing well in a forest, bolstered me Balm to my soul, her emphatic assertions that cats travel unseen and unheard The reaction of a serviceman, without knowing our boy left voluntarily, was crass First don t disrespect anyone who is optimistic about their son Secondly we say F him.We are sure Conan has concluded his sojourn since it has snowed and is heading home Our reunion is imminent This was poignant to me, than for those appreciating heartfelt stories I cheered that family s happy resolution and will be eternally grateful for ours What a fantastic book this is, I loved it when I was a little kid and it s still just as excellent today Plus it takes place in Canada, so I was familiar with the frigid weather that the three animals face throughout the novel It was incredibly well written and intriguing. this is on my gimmie sequel list for riffle Last year I decided to reread once book each month that I had loved when I was a little kid to see how they held up to the refined and sophisticated literary standards of my adulthood As it turns out, I had excellent taste as a l il nipper OR I still have the sensibilities of an eight year old Pass the marshmallow cereal.During this process, I discovered that several of my beloved books had sequels or in some cases multiple further adventures, and then seeing A Wrinkle in Time getting the big screen treatment reminded me that I d only ever read the original trilogy, the other two books in the Time Quintet having been published after a long pause while I was off looking at other things So, obviously, I m on a new booky quest to read all of these books I missed out on as a child, starting with the L Engles, but this has started my brain tip tapping down memory lane thinking about other favorite books worlds and characters I would like to revisit.So now even though the stack of books I have here to read is already incredibly ambitious for any mortal creature, I m making a wishlist of imaginary books books I would read if only they existed.And who knows, if there s one thing I ve retained from the children s books of my heart, between wishes and tesseracts and the assistance of talking animals, anything is possible.http www.rifflebooks.com list 25184 `Epub ☝ The Incredible Journey ↞ Instinct Told Them That The Way Home Lay To The West And So The Doughty Young Labrador Retriever, The Roguish Bull Terrier And The Indomitable Siamese Set Out Through The Canadian Wilderness Separately, They Would Soon Have Died But, Together, The Three House Pets Faced Starvation, Exposure, And Wild Forest Animals To Make Their Way Home To The Family They Love The Incredible Journey Is One Of The Great Children S Stories Of All Time And Has Been Popular Ever Since Its Debut In