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I loved this book growing up and was a little afraid to re read it for fear that the memory would not live up to the reality But I needn t have worried.this is such a delightful fun story Who could not fall in love with Louis the swan as he searches for a way to communicate since he was born without a voice I listened to the audiobook narrated by the author I loved every minute of it it felt like grandpa telling me a story A 5 star experience If I read this book as a child, I probably didn t make it very far My reasoning would likely have been It s no Charlotte s Web , one of my all time favorite children s stories Where s Wilbur Is Charlotte going to appear view spoiler Neither Wilbur nor Charlotte appear Bastards hide spoiler #FREE PDF ì The Trumpet of the Swan ô Swan SongLike The Rest Of His Family, Louis Is A Trumpeter Swan But Unlike His Four Brothers And Sisters, Louis Can T Trumpet Joyfully In Fact, He Can T Even Make A Sound And Since He Can T Trumpet His Love, The Beautiful Swan Serena Pays Absolutely No Attention To HimLouis Tries Everything He Can Think Of To Win Serena S Affection He Even Goes To School To Learn To Read And Write But Nothing Seems To Work Then His Father Steals Him A Real Brass Trumpet Is A Musical Instrument The Key To Winning Louis His Love One of my favorites. I read this book to my kids at bedtime over a few months and I found kind of disappointing although my kids seemed to really like it It s imaginative and has a few good characters my personal favorite was Louis dad , but I have several complaints 1 The romance with Serena REALLY irritated me not only was there nothing redeeming about her other than her looks, it was ridiculous that she blew off course while in Montana and just happened to end up at the Philadelphia zoo.2 I had moral issues with the fact that he agreed to give up some number of his future offspring as sacrifices to the zoo I know, I know, I am taking this way too seriously 3 It feels kind of disjointed the overall plot doesn t hold together very well4 It lacks the emotional connection and wonder of a book like Charlotte s Web which is a true masterpiece The incomparable classic children s author, E.B White, wrote not only a delightful fantasy in Charlotte s Web but also in this book, The Trumpet of the Swan This book would be a wonderful read aloud for young elementary students as well as a great chapter book for older elementary readers Louis, a swan, is born without a voice Yet through ingenuity and a touch of fantasy he finds ways to live a full life as well as woo the beautiful swan he falls in love with as he gets older This book would be a wonderful introduction to a discussion of celebrating differences and learning ways to cope with disabilities whether they be small or large A wonderful classic children s book that I somehow missed as a child and an elementary teacher. I typically don t review children s books here unless they are very long or very good This book is both I m not sure how I escaped reading this as a child but I m certain that I didn t because the story is unique and memorable Louis, a trumpeter swan born without a voice, employs determination and smarts to remedy this obstacle and win the heart of his love, all the while embarking on adventures and working to right wrongs along the way My 8 year old daughter said this book teaches children to be a rightful citizen and an honest and kind friend What could be better than that A story with morals, comedy and a nature lesson. 4 sao.Cu n na y o c ph n u ca m th y no u ng la truy n da nh cho thi u nhi, mo i th di n ra n gia n, ch m ra i va c gia i quy t m t ca ch nhe nha ng qua n n o c co ph n h i cha n Nh ng ca ng v sau c u chuy n ca ng co ma u nghi m tu c h n, cha m t i nh ng v n ph c ta p cu a ng i l n nh i la m, ki m ti n, ca ch i x v i nhau, nh ng th ng l ng, tho a hi p nhi u ti nh ti t co ca m gia c s p g i m ra m t di n ti n t m t i h n nh ng cu i cu ng mo i th cu ng di n ra m t ca ch tr n tru, y n bi nh, tre con o c ch c cu ng kh ng nh n ra u, nh ng y la m t ca ch tuy t v i b c u gi i thi u v i chu ng nh ng ph c ta p cu a xa h i b n ngoa i.Co nh ng ti nh ti t la i n t ng n i mi nh sau khi o c xong, o la ti nh ca m cu a thi n nga cha da nh cho Louis, ca ch Louis xoay x ki m ti n trong xa h i loa i ng i, nh ng ba n nha c cu a chu v i chi c ke n trumpet Ngoa i nh ng i u o ra, no i chung n i dung sa ch kha d chi u va d oa n nh ng i v i m t cu n sa ch ro la da nh cho thi u nhi thi nh v y la qua u.Ta c gia a t n du ng nhi u ti nh hu ng l ng ghe p ca c ba i ho c cho tre em, nh t p ti nh loa i thi n nga khi cho n n i x y t p tr ng, ha nh tri nh di c cu a chu ng, ca ch li t k m t loa t ca c con v t V n ba ch thu hay ngay ca ca ch ti nh toa n ca c mo n ti n Louis ki m c V i nh ng y u t o cu n sa ch na y ca ng thi ch h p cha me cu ng o c va cu ng ho c ho i nh ng i u m i v i bo n tre cu a mi nh Hi nh minh ho a kha y u nh ng h i ti c la chi c in tr ng en n n kh ng ro ne t, n u c in ma u thi se tuy t v i h n, nh t la i v i tre em n a Co n a nh gia tr n khi a ca nh la m t ng i o c tr ng tha nh thi h n cu ng se bi cu n hu t b i t m h n t do, bay b ng, la ng a ng cu a chu thi n nga Louis, c bi t la s gia i thoa t cu a chu kho i vo ng xoa y xa h i loa i ng i, kho i nh ng n n n, lo toan ti n ba c h n cu ng la ni m m c cu a b t c ai v n co n n m trong vo ng xoay o.M t cu n sa ch thi u nhi kh ng qua xu t s c nh ng cu ng thu c loa i kha , x ng a ng c o c n. I have no idea how I managed to not read this as a kid It s way fun than Stuart Little, not nearly as sad good as Charlotte s Web, but almost as funny Maybe funnier, actually Just like in Charlotte s Web, E.B ends the book with a calm, beautiful, somewhat embarrassing paragraph that I want to fall asleep under, and this time I printed it off and taped it to my wall so that I actually can You can too I m re reading this with my kid I loved this book when I read it as a child An all time childhood favorite I really enjoy it now, especially all the literary and biblical references I didn t get when I was Nicco s age I love the over the top flowery sentiments of Louis father It did seem much exciting and dangerous when I was young, and I COMPLETELY missed the disturbing hipocrisy of Louis, the weak and defected cygnet among his siblings, agreeing to sell his own future weak offspring into zoo slavery to prevent his lady love from being enslaved in the zoo It may have bothered me less if he hadn t, ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE, said to the bird man of the zoo, safety and security are well and fine, but I prefer freedom.