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Don t listen to my review, I m biased I simply don t like poetry that has no heart. I decided to take a look at this e chap after seeing it crop up on my friends feed The poems were pretty forgettable, unfortunately I was distracted by the use of W as a placeholder for with seemed too much like text message shorthand and the nonsensical line breaks. Loved it {Book} ⚢ Revolver æ From Adam Fieled S Revolver I Want To Tell YouThere Are Systems Systems This One Doesn T Work Forme, Though You Do, Which Iswhy I Urge You, Dump This System, It S Only There To Hangyou From A Flagpole Makeyou Wave Give You A Wedgie Then You Ll Have To Write Thesame Poem A Thousand Times, See The Way They Posture Pull Each Other Down Makeup Funny Names For Each Other The Whole Thing Ends In A Dialoguenot Intelligent Enough To Be EvenRabelaisian That S Really Saying Something So Am I, Here, Now When They Bid You, Don T Bow