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!Read ♻ Because of Winn-Dixie ♍ Kate DiCamillo S Beloved, Best Selling Debut Novel Is Now Available In A Paperback Digest EditionKate DiCamillo S First Published Novel, Like Winn Dixie Himself, Immediately Proved To Be A Keeper A New York Times Bestseller, A Newbery Honor Winner, The Inspiration For A Popular Film, And Most Especially, A Cherished Classic That Touches The Hearts Of Readers Of All Ages It S Now Available In A Paperback Digest Format Certain To Bring This Tale S Magic To An Even Wider Circle Of FansThe Summer Opal And Her Father, The Preacher, Move To Naomi, Florida, Opal Goes Into The Winn Dixie Supermarket And Comes Out With A Dog A Big, Ugly, Suffering Dog With A Sterling Sense Of Humor A Dog She Dubs Winn Dixie Because Of Winn Dixie, The Preacher Tells Opal Ten Things About Her Absent Mother, One For Each Year Opal Has Been Alive Winn Dixie Is Better At Making Friends Than Anyone Opal Has Ever Known, And Together They Meet The Local Librarian, Miss Franny Block, Who Once Fought Off A Bear With A Copy Of WAR AND PEACE They Meet Gloria Dump, Who Is Nearly Blind But Sees With Her Heart, And Otis, An Ex Con Who Sets The Animals In His Pet Shop Loose After Hours, Then Lulls Them With His GuitarOpal Spends All That Sweet Summer Collecting Stories About Her New Friends And Thinking About Her Mother But Because Of Winn Dixie Or Perhaps Because She Has Grown, Opal Learns To Let Go, Just A Little, And That Friendship And Forgiveness Can Sneak Up On You Like A Sudden Summer Storm Opal Buloni goes to the Winn Dixie store, and comes home with a big scraggly dog she claimed on impulse Because of this dog, now named Winn Dixie, she meets her new neighbors in the Florida town she now lives in Nothing bad happens to the dog Let me repeat Nothing bad happens to the dog.This book is carefully balanced with dark and light It could so easily have been one of those syrupy, sweet stories with charmingly eccentric townspeople spouting folk wisdom, and the dog bringing everyone together at an ice cream social But it s not The town is only a bit twee Opal s mother left her and her minister father Gloria, one of the townspeople Opal meets, used to be a drunk Still, a magical synergy of some kind brings everyone together as friends Nothing bad happens to the dog I love this book. Because of Winn Dixie is such a beautiful and enchanting book I loved reading this with my daughter I am glad she was a little bit older when we read it I think she was about 8 as it may have been a little heavy for her if she had been much younger Although it I guess it depends on the child.Young Opal has just moved to Florida with her father a preacher and is lonely for her mother who left the family seven years before On a trip to the supermarket Winn Dixie she rescues a dog getting into trouble inside Opal becomes her best friends and together they meet many wonderful characters over the summer She loves all of the stories from her new friends like the town librarian, a local woman who is rud to be a witch as well as a guitar playing ex con pet store clerk These characters and their stories help Opal to start to connect with other children, help deal with her loss and sadness and even realize that others may be dealing with loss and sadness of their own This book deals with such important themes grief, hope, acceptance, loss and friendship It has many lessons about people and how we should try to not judge by appearances The power that love has in helping deal with loss and coping with real life I myself have a great love of animals and believe in their healing power It was a really nice book to read with my daughter and we had many discussions as we read The story pulled us both in The writing is great and the story is captivating A wonderful novel that I would recommend for all ages. A wonderful dog who brings people together What s not to like It s not difficult to see why this beautiful book has won numerous awards After reading a few friends reviews for this book I simply knew I had to read it and I m so glad I did This is a heartwarming tale of a young girl named Opal who lives with her father Growing up without her mother has not been easy for Opal and she s been feeling a sense of loneliness through her childhood But that s all about to change the day she comes across a dog who appears just as lost and lonely as Opal does Opal names the dog Winn Dixie and quickly the pair become inseparable A beautifully written story of friendship, love and loss A fabulous children s book to be read and savoured for all ages Highly recommended. A children s book I read for a Challenge and what a treat it was Beautifully written, delightful characters, a bittersweet story No wonder it won awards.The Winn Dixie of the title is big sook of a stray dog who comes into 10 year old Opal s life at a time when she needs a friend Her mother is gone, her father works too hard, they have just arrived in a new town and she has no one Winn Dixie however is great at making friends and over the course of the book Opal s life turns around.Of course there are lessons to be learned in acceptance of life and of other people DiCamillo shows not tells in exactly the right way.This book is a little gem and I am very glad I came across it Discovering such treasures unexpectedly is the reason I find challenges rewarding Because of Winn Dixie is an uplifting novella that made me laugh out loud while enjoying the read Winn Dixie is a supermarket chain located throughout southeastern US India Opal, a girl of ten or so, goes into one of the stores to buy a few things, and comes out with a mangy, smelly large dog He got inside the store somehow and created havoc, knocking over produce stands, and had all the store people chasing him So Opal adopted the dog, took him home, cleaned him up and named him Winn Dixie This is the story of how Opal and Winn Dixie brought joy to some lonely folks in Naomi, Florida Kate DiCamillo is an award winning author Because of Winn Dixie was her first published work Highly recommended. My friend Lauren read this to her elementary school kids last year one day she read it to them aloud for an hour and a half This is especially remarkable considering the usual behavior of her students which is NOT sitting still, listening, and engaging in meaningful ways.The story is well told in the ten year old main character s voice I m sure this makes it attractive and understandable to young readers or listeners And easy for them to relate to The book does a good job of opening up the topic of feeling sad due to difficult life experiences, while at the same time modeling how life can be bearable despite sad events, and not just bearable but goodI enjoyed the story and appreciated the meaningful concepts told in simple terms.And Lauren I m wondering if it was while reading this that you put your prejudices aside and began to warm up to Sadie A favorite part and I don t think it s because of my bad eyesight Opal s friend Gloria Dump says to her You know, my eyes ain t too good at all I can t see nothing but the general shape of things, so I got to rely on my heart Why don t you go on and tell me everything about yourself, so as I can see you with my heart and a few pages later, Opal narrates I could feel her listening with all her heart, and it felt good. I think this is the year that I have discovered young adult and middle grade fiction as a genre full of quality books Always looking for wholesome books for my kids, I saw this book on a few friends feeds, and it happened to be at the library the last time I went Because of Winn Dixie is Kate DeCamillo s Newberry Award winning debut novel It features ten year old India Opal Buloni who has just moved from Watley to Naomi, Florida with her father the Preacher Lonely for the last seven years since her alcoholic mother ran away, Opal shops one day and discovers a lost dog who she aptly named Winn Dixie Opal and Winn Dixie need each other and the preacher allows the dog to stay in their adult trailer park home We meet the cast of characters in Naomi and they all have a sad past From Otis at the pet store to Miss Franny Block at the library to Gloria Dump and all the children in town, each person has a painful event that they are trying to forget or move on from They all open up and start enjoying life again due to the combined warmth of Winn Dixie s personality and Miss Franny s Littmus Lozenge candies.I recently read Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts Because of Winn Dixie seems like a kids book twin of the this book Both feature a young girl or woman who move to small town from a troubled past and breathe in all the charm that the community has to offer I highly recommend this book to middle grade kids and the adults in their lives who are looking for a positive read It could either be read at home or aloud in class and I m sure it will generate many positive discussions about family, community, and life as a whole. This is the first book my 8 year old son was reading and said to me, This book is really good, Mommy I think you would like it You should read it So I m reading it.Someone called Kate DiCamillo s writing enchanting I think enchanting fits perfectly.