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Well crafted, tightly written poems. Zero Summer is a brutally beautiful and honest collection of poems Demcak s verses have the feeling of wrought iron they have a rarified quality Always intelligent and provocative, the lingering after effect of reading Zero Summer is that of a Cocteau denouement a harrowing insight into the soul of the poet Truly, Demcak is a poets poet The darling of academia and the thinking populous alike, Demcak s poetry has always been an IQ test it is rarely appreciated by the uneducated or timid His work has been favorably compared to Berryman, Plath, and Poe, and because of his virtuoso command of language, Demcak is considered by many to be the spiritual heir of Emily Dickinson. #Free E-pub É Zero Summer ó Poetry Demcak Continues To Blossom As A Poet Of Note With ZERO SUMMER, His Newest Collection Of Pieces Of Imagination Married To Craftsmanship These Poems Define Lust, Desire, Onanism, Finding And Feeling And Losing Love Affairs, Childhood Longings And Memories The Sum Of A Sensual Being Demcak S Range Is From The Lyrical Vincent V InTo The Raw Venus In Furs He Offers The Rare Opportunity To Share The Struggles Of Writing Poetry, As In Automated Response To Mark Strand The Poem Is A Permission Given Away And Delves Into Current Events Tragedies, Disease, Social Injustices, World Events That Seem Planets Away Until He Stirs Them Into Spells For The Reader Andrew Demcak Has The Gift And We Are All Richer For It Grady Harp These tight, little economical poems took the top of my head off Every single one of them is sparse, powerful and breath taking, seriously I love the eroticism, the unflinching honesty, the lyricism I am a poetry aficionado and was really impressed with this collection, having previously only been acquainted with Demcak s YA fiction This is excellent poetry expressive, well crafted and delightfully compressed language There is a unifying style here unpunctuated, narrow and lower case that really ties this collection together I can t say enough positive things about this book other than that it would make a great gift and I am thinking of purchasing another copy to give to a friend. the language is excellent, luscious even I m refraining from rating it, though For now anyway edit I m giving it three stars While the writing was very good, the subject wasn t for me If I had read two or three poems on the topic, I would probably have walked away wowed, but in this quantity it wasthan I asked for. After seeing a few recommendations, I gave this a read Although the book felt quite technically accomplished, I tired quickly of the book s eroticism, as I tend to in many other cases Baudelaire and Verlaine, for instance I m all for lust, myself, but I think it s to be usedsparingly All this said, the book s certainly worth reading, and when that s the case for a free e book, why on earth not read it In a 78 page collection, it should not take 15 pages to get to the first poem I only read the first four poems They were pretentious, negative, and sex genitalia obsessed Very disappointing, given the greater degree of innovation and depth of thought demonstrated by Demcak in his previous publication, Catching Tigers in Red Weather. I ve said this before, I m no poetry critic.But I like the way Andrew strings words together.Andrew s poems make me laugh, and cry, and rejoice in the experience of being human and living in this crazy mixed up world.Bravo, Andrew.Thanks for your honesty, and for sharing your experiences with me. I m biased, because I ve believed the author s a genius since 1995 Hopefully the rest of the world will catch up with me soon. I love this book, it lets language lead with frank and richly twisting images Love the title too, wish I had thought of it myself.Diana