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[[ Read Pdf ]] ó Decimus Fate and the Talisman of Dreams ⚛ Decimus Fate Is A New Fantasy Adventure By The Author Of Battle MageWhen The Members Of A Remote Monastery Are Struck Down By A Mysterious Illness, They Enlist The Aid Of A Former Demon Hunter And A Man Known As The Sage Of Blackfell House Setting Out To Find A Cure, They Soon Find Themselves Caught In A Web Of Danger From Ruthless Crime Lords, Vengeful Assassins And Evil Magic Users Who Draw Their Power From The Realm Of Demons But Why Should A Mission Of Mercy Attract Such Grave And Dangerous Threats Because The Sage Of Blackfell House Was Once A Feared And Notorious Sorcerer And His Name Is Decimus Fate Decimus Fate and the Talisman of Dreams is a new release by Peter Flannery, author of the best selling epic, Battle Mage This novel is a bit darker than the previous works I ve read by this author, with characters that are morally gray I really enjoyed this one The characters are well drawn, complex, and sympathetic, and the plot is gripping.The eponymous main character, Decimus Fate, is a complicated man An extremely powerful sorcerer haunted by a dark past, he has sworn off the use of magic which is unfortunate, because there are a lot of people who want to kill him for the crimes he committed The plot of the novel throws him together with another man with an equally painful past, a demon hunter who quit his order and gave up his sword Now, the two must confront some very deadly foes while avoiding those who want Fate dead all without the benefit of either s renounced powers.Also reviewed on BookNest Fate is a very well thought out novel that I thoroughly enjoyed The characters grow on you as they are fleshed out, while the plot hurls you ahead Peter Flannery has a voice that is easy to read and transparent, disappearing beneath the story for an immersive reading experience.The novel explores the theme of absolute power corrupts absolutely After living a life as a slave to magic that caused him to commit unspeakable acts, Fate has renounced his power and has spent many years paying penance for his sins When he gets in over his head, he is sorely tempted to fall back on those powers to save his own life, knowing that to do so would corrupt him.I highly recommend this book to fans of epic fantasy who enjoy morally gray characters It s good, clean, fast paced fiction. This was probably not a book I would normally have picked up but I won a Goodreads giveaway so thought I would give it a try I was really pleasantly surprisedthe writing and the story are both engaging and fun Its a quick, easy, fun review.Fate and the Tutor on the surface seem like such an unlikely partnership but it really works I really enjoyed the mystery of the disease that was making all of the monks sick and Fate s ultimate resolution was so clever There are a few points I was a little confused byI couldn t quite figure out where the prologue fit into the story and I wished there was a little specifics on the reasons the Fate is no longer practicing magic and Tutor is no longer a demon hunter But in general, I really enjoyed the book I wonder if the author is going to turn this into a series featuring Fate and Tutor I would totally love that Really enjoyed BattleMage which was 5 stars for me so read this one but it was a hard slog unfortunately Lots of reviews thought it was fast paced, good characters, gripping story but I must have missed all those bits I am pretty confused tbh as there were several story threads that didn t seem to come back to any relevance Detail was given for things not so important to the story and then lacking in major plot lines as though this was meant to be a much longer book or just setting the scene for other books Main issue for me was probably that I felt the stakes were never very high for the main characters and I was hoping for plot twists but everything just plodded along reasonably predictably.Nevertheless I will definitely be reading any other books written by this author and recommend him to others.