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~READ E-PUB ♱ Narcissus Resists ☣ Matthew Hittinger Is The Author Of Pear Slip, Winner Of The Spire PressSpring Chapbook Award Shortlisted For The National Poetry Series, The New Issues Poetry Prize, And Twice For The Walt Whitman Award, Matthew S Honors Include A Hopwood Award And The Helen S And John Wagner Prize From The University Of Michigan, And The Kay Deeter Award From The Journal Fine Madness He Lives And Works In New York City Excellent depth and awareness of the challenges inherent in being human Loved the workread twice already, and I look forward to taking it with me to my next local poetry read. I have just listened to an e book of Matthew Hittinger s chapbook, NARCISSUS RESISTS You ll find a link to it in the book description I listened to a poem just last night which complements this book, Andrew Demcak s PINK NARCISSUS, which you will find on Goodreads as well The experience of hearing poets read on the internet is quite wonderful I m a prose reader and only just beginning to grapple with poetry, but it does strike me that NARCISSUS RESISTS weaves the classical notion of Narcissus into a 21st century fabric Narcissus creates his own webpage, becoming a cyber celebrity Matthew Hittinger s visual sensibility suits the story of a most visual classical figure. Going to collect reviews I find here 1 Evan J Peterson s review at The Rumpus my packet of Matthew arrived todayreally enjoying his work I m not saying this isn t skillful if it was just a matter of skill I d rate it higher but these poems simply aren t my cup of tea Also, the Issuu format looks great and the accompanying audio of the poet reading is a nice touch But I think the reading style is a bit monotonous. Matthew Hittinger wields a very confident line and is extremely well versed in verse But unlike most academic writers, Hittinger s work is immediately accessible and moving Narcissus Resists is a tour de force of classical subject mixed remarkably with pop culture Under Hittinger s unblinking eye, the myth of Narcissus is redeemed and transcended Like Anne Sexton s Transformations the end result of the retelling of the classic story is a profound catharsis One of the best pieces of poetry I ve read in ages Andrew Demcak