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If you read the description, you'll see a link which will let you hear an ebook of this poem. About five years ago, I saw the movie upon which this poem is based. It was filmed over a period of years during the 1960's and focuses on dreamlike incarnations of a graceful young man.
Andrew Demcak's poem evokes the spirit of this film. Art begets art here.
A Goodreads author, Matthew Hittinger, is the subject of the painting on the cover of the book. He has written a book called NARCISSUS RESISTS.
Demcak and Hittinger are communicating with each other about the film PINK NARCISSUS and Goodreads has allowed me to observe this communication.
I urge you to listen to the echapbook.
This is a beautiful poem and a beautiful book. It is wonderful to listen to the poet read the work as you read it too. Thanks for the nod and the wink and this crosstextual conversation! I felt the poem was nicely done, though I have to admit, the subject matter wasn't really to my taste.

The presentation format was particularly interesting, I liked the combination of written words accompanied by the author reading. However, my speakers were muted when I went to the site and so I missed the first part of the reading. I wished I could have stopped the audio and restarted it from the beginning. I was able to do that, but only by reloading the page.
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