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Really good book, realistic I don t like Jesse though He swears too much. I was drawn to this book by the front cover image, I love the metallic strawberry Anyway, After the Strawberry was certainly interesting, but what really made it worth reading was how the characters become friends on camera throughout a traumatic event This book brings attention to a serious issue, and it s also a very well written and emotional story. Engrossing, enlightening read Sheds enormous light on body issues, family dynamics and healing Definitely worth a read After the Strawberry is very good engaging, considered, surprising Lydia, the book s young protagonist, has stopped eating Kathryn Pope manages to bring the reader into Lydia s world while also keeping that world private for Lydia, a place the character assiduously created in her struggle to make sense of things Pope never sentimentalizes Lydia or anorexia doesn t over explain or encroach Pope lets Lydia, flawed and compelling, speak for herself.Pope s writing is perceptive and spare Elegant The content can be painful, uncomfortable at times, but there is a lightness to the work, an actual lightness, that lifts the reading And the writing is excellent a pleasure Lydia watched the backs of the night nurses s heels as she left the room Night nurses walked like cats Lydia watched a hand close the door until there was just a slit of light at the bottom Many slits of light in After the Strawberry. Poor character development Too much focus on the documentary and an unrealistic picture of eatimg disorders Not sure I d recommend this to anyone Not enough substance, it was bland. I was really dissapointed in this book Id had such high hopes for it and its my first time reading a full length eBook It is a first novel and it shows I feel bad saying that but it wasnt a bad book, just not great I did like Maura She was realistic and believable with what anorexia is like. At first, it was hard to keep up with the writing style of this book You just have to get through the first 2 chapters and then it is easier to follow along It s a really great book about the struggles of anorexia and also the struggles of being a documentary film maker even though it focuseson the anorexia If you have a device that you can read ebooks on then I definitely recommend this book I think it s a little weird that it s only available on ebook, but it s obvious with the different links attached. Kathryn Pope has written one great story about eating disorders Great narration and sparingly vital prose I highly recommend this book for anyone with any interest what an ED disorder might really be like Highly inventive and sincere It does not preach, nor taunt butso explain and give some real insight into the surreal world of ED disorders What really made this book stand out from others The portrayal of distorted thinking when it comes to food and having an ED disorder Finally, I also liked so some of the interesting commentary subtext on exploitation. (READ KINDLE) ⚣ After the Strawberry ï Lydia Poole Wants To Be A Good Person The Kind Of Person Who Does Everything Right And Deserves To Be Loved To Accomplish This, She Eats Only One Cup Of Cheerios Per Day And Lets Her Weight Drop Below Ninety Pounds When Lydia S Sister Introduces Jesse, A New Friend And Filmmaker, Lydia Agrees To Be The Subject Of His DocumentaryJesse S Camera Follows Lydia As She S Hospitalized For Anorexia, As She Walks The Line Between Hoping For Death And Wanting Life, As Her Weight Continues To Fall With The Camera Running, Lydia Shifts From The Viewfinder S Object To The Eye Behind The Camera In Doing So, She Discovers How She Wants To See Her WorldAfter The Strawberry Is A Novel About A Girl Who Disappears While Trying To Be Seen I read Snow Angel Perfect, an abbreviated and incomplete version of After the Strawberry, a free download for my Kindle The topic, anorexia, is important However, the characters in the book were not likeable appealing, and the main character enlisted no feelings from me Her parents were losers The story did not capture me and the writing was stiff stilted It seemed that approximately 75% of the sentences were of the version subject predicate with a few modifiers thrown in I really should give it only 1 star but perhaps the full book is better.