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I read this book to a classroom of first gradersThe children loved this story When baby bat, Stellaluna, is separated from her mother, she tries to be a bird She does not hang upside down she stays in the nest, she does not eat fruit she eats grasshoppers, she does not sleep during the day she sleeps at night It was so fun to watch the kids be distressed by the mother bird trying to make Stellaluna into something she s not This is a classic story for a good reason I read this book so often when I was younger It is so cute I love this book Probably my favorite bat story ever I first saw this book on an episode of Reading Rainbow my favorite TV series when I was little and I instantly fell in love with this book Stellaluna is a gorgeous picture book by Janell Cannon and it is about how a baby bat named Stellaluna learns how to live with the birds after she is separated by her mother during an owl attack Stellaluna is truly one of the best books for bat lovers everywhere Once there lived a mother fruit bat that gave birth to a baby bat named Stellaluna and one night, Mother Bat was carrying Stellaluna while searching for some ripe fruit to eat Suddenly, an owl spots the bats and tries to catch them and Stellaluna ended up falling out of her mother s pouch and ended up falling on a tree branch and then eventually falls into a bird s nest For awhile, Stellaluna had been living with the birds and learning their ways and started acting like a true bird, even learning how to fly Excellent This book is simply truly excellent Janell Cannon has certainly done an excellent job at both illustrating and writing this book Janell Cannon makes the story extremely exciting and heartwarming as it details the adventures that Stellaluna embarks on after she is separated from her mother and lives with the birds I loved the way that Stellaluna maintains a strong relationship with the birds even though she is a bat, which proves that no matter how different you are, you are still a special person on the inside I also thought that it was really cute to see Stellaluna acting like a bird as she provides so much humor for the book by trying to act like a bird in a bat body Janell Cannon also did a great job at providing tension in this book, especially when Stellaluna is separated from her mother and many children will definitely feel afraid for Stellaluna as the idea of losing one s parent is frightening to a child Janell Cannon s illustrations are simply gorgeous and realistic, especially of the images of Stellaluna herself as she has huge brown eyes and has golden fur all over her body which makes her look beautiful and cute at the same time I also loved the images of Stellaluna flying through the sky as she is the one character who stands out during the night sky as she seems to glow in the blue night sky while she is flying in the air.All in all, Stellaluna is an instant treat of a baby bat s amazing tale that you just cannot resist to read to your children For anyone who love reading books about bats and the importance of a true family, this is definitely a book that I would highly recommend to children ages four and up.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog 4.5 Stars I bought some children s books and was about to gift them but decided to read them first before giving them away This particular book I used to read to my daughter when she was little Not surprising that I don t remember what the plot was about, as many times as I probably read this to her.It is such a cute book about a bat who becomes separated from her mom and is raised by a bird family She must adapt to the bird ways or abandon the nest so that Mama Bird s babies don t pick up Stellaluna s bad habits of sleeping upside down, flying at night, or making faces whenever she has to eat a bug Mama Bird brings back to feed her.The illustrations alone merit five stars Just beautiful artwork. We all loved this book Apparently I reserved something called a big book so when I went to go pick it up, it wouldn t even fit in my bag It was this big floppy paperback book that was roughly the size of my kitchen countertop This made it very difficult to read Trying to hold open the floppy book so that I could read and the kids could see the pictures was very difficult But it was worth it The bigger pictures kept my 3 yr old twins engaged while the story kept my 5 yr old interested And the illustrations are actually quite detailed, making Stellaluna the bat look positively adorable The big size of the book enhanced this Somewhere around a level 2 reading book, It s the story of a bat who gets separated from her mother when young and tries to learn to ignore her nature and be a bird A fun story about learning to fit in and being yourself, a good lesson for any kid A friend on GR recommended this and I m glad we read it I hadn t heard of Cannon before, but hopefully can pick up some of her books. I have read this book to my children 752 times well maybe that s an exaggeration And I ve cried 751 that s not It s that moment when the mom says, You are MY Stellaluna sob My kids weren t weepy, btw Nope, just me.This has to be one of my favorite books for the 6 and under crowd amazingly beautiful pictures I was tempted to frame, a nice but not annoying message about acceptance and friendship, makes you laugh and cry Thank goodness I have kids or I would have completely missed out on this perfect children s story. Stellaluna is a children s book about a young bat who learn the ways of the birds in life, how they eat and sleep etc.Actually, this one is the story of our lives As a child we are protected by our family, especially our mothers by owls danger in life As we grow older we learn things and go our ways, specifically schools In schools, teachers teachs us the right ways, and various aspects in life that can equip us in order to survive life As days passes by, we finished our education and learn to spread our wings and fly We visits places, find ourselves and fits in And as we go places we meet people and accustom ourselves to the rights ways we should be doing a long time ago As we learn the right ways, we tell our families and friends that this should be this and that should be that Eventually, they imitate us thinking its the right for them, but in the contrary it s not Life is not always the same What s good for Johnny might not be good for Peter and vice versa We learn things the way it should be learn but we apply ways in order for us to live the life that we can enjoy In the end, we may be different in each other but we all have the chance to fly. `Download Pdf ☞ Stellaluna ☘ Best EPub, Stellaluna By Janell Cannon This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Stellaluna, Essay By Janell Cannon Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You