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No doubt most people have fantasized if only once in their life and very briefly, but especially on one of those long winter days when the sky is as white as milk, it won t stop snowing, and the only sound outside is the rattle of bare tree branches about throwing all caution to the wind, packing up, and moving to a remote island with beautiful beaches, verdant mountains, loads of fruit trees, and a friendly, local population.Usually the daydream ends there It is, after all, a fantasy one that does not include considering practical matters how to make a living, for example, or what to do with oneself after the novelty of a new place and a new culture wears off.GOOD MORNING CORFU LIVING ABROAD AGAINST ALL ODDS explores the realities about what it actually means to live abroad in a foreign land in a foreign culture Often funny, always thoughtful, and surprisingly esoteric in nature, the fifty or so essays deal with expatriate living in detail from myth to reality, from novelty to stagnation, from glorious experiences to down right gory experiences, and back again.A perfect read for the armchair traveler or occasional I want to live in a foreign land dreamer Curl up with it on a long winter s day, dream away, then get back to reality. |Download ♶ Good Morning Corfu ☢ The Island Of Corfu In Greece Is Known As The Emerald Isle William Shakespeare S Metaphorical Play, The Tempest , Was Derived From The Island S Thunderous Autumnal Storms Henry Miller, As Well As Gerald And Lawrence Durrell, Once Called Corfu Home It Is An Island Of Intense Beauty With Fertile Green Land, Golden Beaches, Turquoise Waters, A Beautiful Venetian Built City, And One Of The Most Gregarious And Sometimes One Of The Most Treacherous Cultures In Europe More Than A Million People From All Over The World Visit Corfu Each Year, And Over , Expatriates Live Year Round On The IslandGOOD MORNING CORFU LIVING ABROAD AGAINST ALL ODDS Chronicles The Experiences And Observations Of An American Expatriate Living On This Mediterranean Outpost Of Dizzying Extremes From Wide Eyed Wonder To Cultural And Personal Confusion, From Unbridled Joy To Deep Despair, And From Empathy To Outright Loathing, These Short Essays Examine Both Local And Expatriate Lifestyles Through The Lens Of One Deeply Immersed Yet Forever Removed, Fundamentally Involved Yet Perpetually On The Perimeter Of A Most Curious Culture Even Than A Journal Of Events And Experiences, The Essays Consider Many Of Life S Profound Issues And Concerns With Insight, Optimism And Humor