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This is a book that I had fond memories of from originally reading it in the 4th grade I was considering buying it as a gift for my niece, who s that age, so I thought that I should read it again myself first Naturally, I was a bit concerned that my memory of the book would be let down by the passage of time Thankfully, I was wrong.This is a great story full of memorable characters and plenty of adventure that keeps the pages turning Children and adults alike will enjoy this award winning novel and it is written in such a way that it really doesn t seem that juvenile.Overall, a great story with a lot of heart I d recommend it to just about anyone. This book captivated me from start to finish when I read it for the first time as an adult It s such a beautiful story of courage and morality and heroism It s hard to imagine anyone not being moved by The Rats of Nimh and its characters are well developed and not easily forgotten I thought about this book for days afterward, and I was sad when it ended There are really two stories going on at once O Brien cleverly brings the two together slowly by revealing their connection detail by detail through an absorbing flashback The entire book s tone is one of being invited into a secret that only you, the reader, are accepted into The science aspect is interesting and makes the animal characters even realistic and memorable I ve read reviews about what the author s intention was, pointing to the various themes from science playing with nature to self determination to morality present in the story This ambiguity make The Rats of Nimh all the interesting. [Read Book] ⚈ Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH ⚖ Mrs Frisby, A Widowed Mouse With Four Small Children, Must Move Her Family To Their Summer Quarters Immediately, Or Face Almost Certain Death But Her Youngest Son, Timothy, Lies Ill With Pneumonia And Must Not Be Moved Fortunately, She Encounters The Rats Of NIMH, An Extraordinary Breed Of Highly Intelligent Creatures, Who Come Up With A Brilliant Solution To Her Dilemma I loved this book so much as a young teen, I read it over and over and over This is probably the book that started me off on my lifelong love of fantasy, together with Watership Down I re read this as part of my MacHalo Reading Challenge 2016, 4 Re reading a childhood favourite.The beginning was a little boring and the very traditional gender roles of the mice annoyed me a bit at first But once Mrs Frisby met the rats and they told her their story, the book picked up a lot I had forgotten a lot of the storyline Some parts were pretty exciting, others emotional There was drama, angst, a good plot, suspense A nice rollercoaster.In the end I liked the story so much that I wouldn t mind reading a sequel, to find out how the story continues for our heroes. WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS 1 Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH mostly takes its place in Mr.Fitzgibbon farm Mrs Frisby who is a widow has 4 children One day, one of her brightest kid Timothy becomes sick The plowing was soon starting, but Timothy couldn t move out of his bed Even after eating the medicine Mr Ages gave, Timothy had a big chance that pneumonia will recur That is when Mrs Frisby started to find ways they could move without getting Timothy sick again She went to her neighbors, but couldn t find any solutions that could even help a bit One day, the crow she saved few days ago suggested her to go see the owl There, she found a solution to go see the rats The rats were very pleased to help her because of her relationship between Mr Frisby The rats moved Mrs Frisby s entire house for her family to be safe and warm Soon, winter went by, alarming the buds to wake up Timothy eventually got well, and they lived happily ever after 2 The main conflict in the book is when Mrs Frisby s family is in danger from the plowing day Normally, her family would have moved to a different house up in the mountains to survive from the plowing However, because of Timothy s sickness, they couldn t take a chance of moving If Mrs Frisby hadn t found any solutions, they would have died from the tractor However, after Mrs Frisby s hard work, the rats decided to help her solve the problem Eventually, the problem was solved, leaving Mrs Frisby s family safe and happy 3 I personally loved this book because it was very sweet It wasn t scary or violent, but warm and caring How Mrs Frisby tried to save her children gave me an another thought of rats, who really cared of each other just like humans Even though we ignore and sometimes hate rats, I learned that we should still respect them, because they are part of our planet. brilliant saga of educated rats How is it these rats can illuminate their entire underground nest with Christmas lights, but every year thousands of Americans cannot decorate their trees If you are looking for a specific brand of children s book that is simultaneously wholesome, while containing legitimate sci fi horror elements, then look no further than Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH I ll admit, I recently found myself re watching Don Bluth s film adaptation The Secret of NIMH, which peaked my curiosity to seek out the source material While I first saw this film as an adult, I cannot say that this story evokes much childhood nostalgia for me as it does for the many others who grew up with the brave, widowed Mrs Frisby and the ingenious, yet secretive rats Unraveling as a story within a story, there are a lot of really interesting characters presented who each provide missing pieces for the secret storyline, and or serve to better contextualize the greater world of sentient animals living on the farm My only critique would be that given the large cast of rodents and birds in such a small book, I was given just enough plot cheese to nibble on without ever really feeling full on complete character development.My nitpicking of a children s book aside, I m sure the intended audience would still very much enjoy a tale like this The entirety of my own childhood was filled with talking animals, and this is a truly unique story that any kid or adult with such proclivities could appreciate Long live rat civilization. This was one of my all time favorite books when I was a kid I must ve read it eight times So I was pleased to find that it holds up well, and I still found it very entertaining although it seemed a shorter I did notice some things that I don t think really registered when I was younger For one, I was thinking as I read that Mrs Frisby is a pretty unusual character for a children s book She s an adult, which is not common to children s novels usually the protagonist is the same age or a couple years older than the intended audience And she definitely thinks like an adult she notices things like how young Justin seems, worries about taking care of her family, misses her husband It s kind of cool.The other thing I noticed was just how few female characters there are in the book There s Mrs Frisby and her daughters, Auntie Shrew, Isabella a young rat Mrs Frisby meets in the library , and that s really about it Justin and Nicodemus make reference to the wives, who are certainly shown as capable and industrious, but don t really have a part to play in the book This lack is somewhat counterbalanced by what a brave and strong character Mrs Frisby is but it DID annoy me that she didn t even get a first name Mrs Jonathan Frisby, indeed It s not enough to make me give the book a lower score, but I found it a little irksome I don t think it really mattered to me too much as a kid, though mostly I think I had a huge crush on Justin. Rats are the better humans maybe.When I read this story aloud to students a few years ago, I remember thinking it is one of these crossover novels that speak to children and adults on different, but equally satisfying levels There is the human intrusion into the natural state of biology.There is the inevitable fallout.There is the fable.There is the fantasy about community building.There is the hardship and the there is the perseverance to deal with it.There is good old adventure and storytelling.What else can one ask of a children s book It also has RATS